Weaning Words.

I get such reactions from those who find out my 17month old Rooster still gets milk in the morning and before bed. It’s normal to have two to three milk feeds at this age but what is abnormal is the fact that Rooster gets his milk from the source and not the bottle.

I really struggled at first to breastfeed. I was supplementing with formula from a cup at first so that Rooster wouldn’t get used to the bottle and would take to the breast eventually. It was so rewarding when we both got it right eventually. I never thought he would latch on for another seventeen months and beyond. My theory was, give him until a year and then we’ll see. Up until that time he was having four or five feeds a day. Realising that he was enjoying these feeds more than needing them I started tailoring down.

I first started skipping the midday feed, then I lost the second morning one, then the mid afternoon and now I’m left with the two most difficult ones to abandon. I realised distraction from it wasn’t such a big deal and never to deny it when I knew he really wanted it.  My next task is to tackle the morning feed which he wakes me at about 5am for. It was wonderful losing the day time feeds. I felt liberated wearing non-feeding bras again. I was surprised the milk stayed. It’s amazing how my body creates the stuff. It’s the best long life milk ever: sitting just warmer than room temperature for hours at a time without fermenting. Marvellous!

Even though we’re weaning, it truly does amaze me how obscure it is to people, even to those who have breastfed, that there’s no hurry to get him off breast milk. Sure, I don’t want to still be breastfeeding in six months time. I just don’t see the point at this stage to get him attached to a bottle rather than the breast when he’s still so happy and I’m still ok with it. I don’t want to have to wean him twice. My husband also feels that it’s actually what the “mammers” have been made for and it’s keeping Rooster healthy so why not.  High five to that buddy.

More then weaning him, I’m going to have to wean myself from that close time together. On the upside, we can paint dad into winding down picture and not to forget sleepovers at the Grandparents. This is sounding promising!

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  1. Ruby Ruby says:

    Bronwyn I am so proud of you! This is your BEST post ever. And I am so glad you have such a supportive husband. Well done!!!

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