Laughter: I be having it!

It feels like I should name this post “I’m back”. It’s been a long while since I’ve been blogging but sometimes you doubt yourself, wonder if what you’re doing is any good and then if you’re anything like me- you stop. But I’ve built a bridge and have gotten over it now.

Rooster is almost two now- he still crows as day breaks so his nickname remains the same. Children give a mother an opportunity to grow- especially seeing as I have from 6am to start. Without Rooster, my life would be pretty much the same every day. Go to work, come home, cook, clean, relax, read. My life now isn’t much different from that now but  he adds an element of fun and growth. I’m constantly having to check up on things, particularly myself on how to best manage: a tantrum, a squished banana into the lounge suite, filling time, developing a young mind, being the a good wife while trying to be a good mother and remembering that I’m allowed to enjoy these things and laugh at them too.

So to start or restart my blogging marathon (I never was much of a runner), here are some things I laugh about which help me along this journey of growing:

  • My own jokes. Sure not everyone thinks they’re funny but boy no-one gets my jokes like I do.
  • Some of the things Rooster says to me: Mom, stop in the name of the law! ; No way; Peeese (please) ; “Hurray,mom, my happy birday milkshake.
  • My husband. (remember I say laugh about not at!)
  • My family. (sometimes you can’t help laughing at…)
  • Having a dance off/Family’s got talent with my niece and nephews. Watching how seriously they concentrate is so funny!
  • Old journal entries.
  • Teenage photos- I choose laughing over crying.
  • Fashion- looking back I thought 80′s fashion was a foe pah, I laugh that some mistakes keep on happening.
  • Tigger- put on the subtitles and read a long as your children watch- he’s so funny! Reminds me of my brother. I’m glad I know he doesn’t read my blogg.

There’s much place for laughter and “I be having it”.

2 Responses to “Laughter: I be having it!”

  1. Ruby Ruby says:

    So glad you are blogging again!

  2. June June says:

    Lol on this article! Glad you are back and blogging, I by chance checked on your website today and am happy that there are a couple of new articles to read, keep it up!

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