Play time…or not!

It was a usual morning- my hair was still aspiring to great heights as I had not tamed it yet, my clothes didn’t match but I was comfy as I was busy tidying: the house needed to be rescued from weekend house- house’s messy sister. I played with Rooster and then explained to him that I would be “on call”- I would be available but I had some things to do. He played happily with his toy animals, came and did inspections on my work every now and then and was generally cheerful. Can you feel I’m going to be approaching the but word now….

BUT…as soon as a  friend of mine who has two little hens popped over for a little visit, my little darling became a case study from one of the parent help books that are desperately read. I know these situations must be hard for Rooster- if someone were to come and unpack my make-up and try it out willy-nilly or even take it away from me- it would freak me out. Not sure I would start beating my friend with the mascara but I’d not take it lightly- and I’m the sharing kind. Sometimes it’s just hard to see the change in Rooster as he struggles with others. I have this urge just to try and tell friends that he’s actually a good kid, you should have seen him a half an hour ago- but I try not too because what they think isn’t as important as how Rooster feels coming out of experiences like this. On the other hand I want to say- hey that’s his stuff, he has a right to want to play with it and not have you claim it. LEAVE IT ALONE and just watch him play. (chuckle)

Fun times!

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  1. June June says:

    This is a tough one, kids naturally don’t seem to want to share, it is so difficult in social settings and either you are a mom who addresses their behaviour or one who sits back and lets the kids “sort it out”. Unfortunately when you are the former your child risks getting the label as you are the only one doing something about it. So tricky. But it sounds like your little rooster is exploring relationships and boundaries- all perfectly normal!

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