The Haircut!

For those of you who have read a few of my other posts, you would know that the husband works in hospitals and gets to see, smell and stitch some really interesting things. I am privy to this information being the wife and thereby an information leech. Yesterday, we were out in the garden where our firstborn (the dog) had obviously thought it was war time again and landed a landmine that I had to defuse before little Rooster stuck his finger in the “poof” again. This was the worst landmine I had ever defused and the first of a gagging nature. As I expressed this to the Husband who was outside with us, he went on to describe what he had experienced with a patient that day and then I had a questioning thought…

Why do we wait so long to sort things out before they get out of hand?

This patient had waited too long to go to the hospital and now was in a bad way and I mean really REALLY bad. I too was in a situation were I was concerned that I had something wrong with me. I sat and waited for months, picturing my death, marrying my husband off to a suitable mother figure for Rooster- there were even tears as I thought of this. Unlike the poor patient, had waited in vane and after going to get things sorted realised I’m fine. But why did I have to sit worrying for so long without doing something about it?

What does all of this have to do with a haircut? Well, my Rooster is now 17months and had not had a haircut since he was born. He had started looking a little like Einstein but to me that was o.k.- smart kid looks like a smart guy and his curls were cute! Then we had Einstein mixed with a bit of Bob Marley with some dreadsĀ  from the way he sleeps. Love Bob’s music but not the do. Seriously, it’s just hair, it grows back. But I found I had some attachment to this hair. As if cuttingĀ  was cutting away my little baba and now he’s a big boy that needs haircuts from his dad (who did a superb job by the way). I filmed the whole thing, wanted to catch every lock and cringed with every scissor snip.

Now that it’s cut he looks cuter than ever!

It’s clear: time to “go and do and not sit and stew!” (John Bytheway)

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  1. june june says:

    Awesome, thought provoking articles Bronwyn!

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