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Life is Like a Bowl of Rainbow Ice Cream

The first year adjusting to marriage was interesting for me. I say interesting because actually admitting that I thought that the “honeymoon” period was really hard, would be breaking some kind of unspoken marriage code! I think this is what happens to some like myself, you fall for this man who makes you wonder how you did life without, you get engaged and you get planning on the wedding. All girlish dreams  and mushy movies come flooding to mind as you plan your perfect wedding (as far as budget constraints will allow). After the wedding, the next stage is what I call the Rainbow ice-cream stage.

You see, Rainbow ice-cream is a mix of vanilla, chocolate, strawberry (all yum) and then lime (not so yum) ice-cream. Dish up a bowl, it’s ice-cream so you’re naturally excited but then you hit the green lime parts and your whole ice-cream experience just seems tainted. You notice the green even more as it starts to melt and mix with the other flavours. As this begins to happen, it seems that all you can taste is the green and suddenly the other flavours don’t taste the same anymore.

This was similar to my first year. It didn’t take long to get used to the three flavours and I already loved chocolate ice-cream. I would try and scrape around the lime so that I wouldn’t get it but that wouldn’t work because then I’d just get upset as I tried so hard to remove the green.Eventually I realised, it’s best just to try another ice-cream flavour. One that you both like! That’s when year two rolled around and it was cookies and cream from then on!

Much like the pre-marriage and the first year were the first six weeks with my little one. The pre-baby stage is all about the birth. How is this bundle going to get out of the oven. We read, search, speak to professionals about the birth. Caesar, natural, natural, epidural? Another pre-birth topic is the baby room. What colour, what fabric? Do I go blue, pink or neutral? The birth is sometimes not how you planned or expected but the bundle arrives.  There’s so much to love about this little bundle- but there’s also a lot of lime!

Even for those to whom motherhood comes terribly naturally, your breasts are tender, you have to worry about whether they are producing enough. Bottle or breast, BOTTLE OR BREAST?  But the antenatal woman says breast and the pediatrician says bottle. AHHHHHH! There’s sleep deprivation which is a blog post on its own: one day feels like several days because you can’t remember when you last changed out of your pj’s. The crying, the pooping, the spewing! But…then the bundle smiles after six long weeks and “ding” I’d like a bowl of cookies and cream please?!

What’s fun to think back on now, is the superwoman complex I seemed to have at the beginning of both marriage and motherhood. I had to try and cook and clean, save the world too just show the world I CAN be a wife/mom. I really hope that “PJ power” doesn’t come back the second baby round.

As I read and hear about those who are nearing the altar or the birth bed, I’m reminded of those times. They really made me stretch myself but I got through it and for those who are nearing or in it, so will you!

Forest Gump was wrong- Life is like a bowl of Rainbow ice-cream.

Blogging Jogging: Exercise at the Computer.

The Husband received this email and thought it appropriate for all you blogger friends. I thought it funny at first but now as I sit  here, I can do a few butt clenches and tummy tucks. You never know, blogging could be the cause of a healthier, thinner me!

“The exercises below have been adapted from a ProBlogger post. Most of the names have been modeled after popular social media services such as Twitter, RSS, Blogger, etc,

1. Cyber Squats. Set your chair aside for a few minutes and instead move to a semi-squat position with thighs parallel to the floor. Hold for 1 minute.

2. RSS Raises. As you’re sitting at your desk, straighten your knees and lift your legs out in front of you.
3. Ten Minute “Move it!” Break. Alternate jogging in place with jumping jacks – do a minute of each and repeat 5 times.
4. Twitter Tummy Tone. Tighten your abdominal muscles for 30 seconds and then release.
5. Social Squeezes. Tighten your gluteal muscles for 30 seconds and then release.
6. Ten Minute “Move it!” Break. Grab a step stool and climb up and down.
7. Inbox Incline. While you’re sitting with your feet on the floor, raise your heels so you are on the balls of your feet and lower them.
8. Ten Minute “Move it!” Break. Do walking lunges around the house. You can add some weights and do bicep curls at the same time.
9. Blogger Breather. Close your eyes and focus on your breath. Count to 10 as you slowly inhale through your nose, thinking positive thoughts. Exhale through your mouth, again counting to 10. Release all the tension and stress out of your body.
10. Sign Off Stretches. Shoulder shrugs – with your head at your chest, shrug your shoulders up and down. Neck Rolls – relax your shoulders and let your head roll forward. Slowly rotate your head in a circle. Repeat five times.
How to stay healthy while traveling: This is a mnemonic for exercises that can be done with just body weight: PLSS

P ushups
S itups
L unges
S quats

Exercises that can be done with just body weight: PLSS.”

Available at:

Turning Three!

I have been blessed with three children, their ages are fairly close together and I am currently in the final stages of my third child’s baby phase. He turns 3 on Sunday- Valentine’s day and he is a true valentine, sweeping us off our feet with his ways!

As he approaches three though, I cannot help but feel a sense of “is it really all over?” He is out of nappies, hasn’t had a bottle or dummy for ages but until now when people ask me how old he is, I still love to say he is two. Two means a baby, a little toddler, still in need of all the comforts that a baby has but with more freedom. Three is a WHOLE new ball game, I have no more reasons to be part of “baby clubs” or talk about teething woes, he is passed that and I cannot help but wonder where did the past 7 years of babies go? I am sure you have also found parents of teens and young adults saying, “Enjoy your children when they are young because they grow so quickly”. When you are in the thick of sleepless nights, potty training and tantrum analyzing, it’s hard to believe that life will ever be different, and yet here I am saying the same thing- where did the time go?

I am reading an inspiring book on training and teaching children and all I can advise for those in the thick of things is this: do your best, laugh more with your children because it really is true, before you know it your last child will be turning 3 and you will be lying in bed asking yourself, “how is this all over so quickly?”.

Break Time!

Break time at school: the one thing most children go to school for. Just when the day’s getting boring or long or you can’t fight the hunger any longer, the break bell goes and you’re free from the confines of the classroom. Now, what if second break was canceled? How would the children and teachers feel then? Ah, if it were canceled for one long first break, it could be possible.

I think you know where I’m heading with this…My darling boy has now moved from having only one nap in the day. At first I had the “first break being cancelled” feeling. He would sleep for an hour maybe and then would be tired for another nap at about 4: 30pm. Anyone putting their kid down at that time is in for a long evening. But after he slept for 2hours 45 min on his first “one nap day”- I’m thinking- wooooohooooo for one nap! That day I was able to put on a load of washing, dye my hair, shower and here’s the biggie: READ! Yes, for about 15 uninterrupted minutes, I read. Ah, the joy and I peace I felt at that time.

I’ve now come to know the joys of one nap in the day. My cherub sleeps anything from one hour to two and a half  during the morning.  During this time I do the most important things first that will create a smoother afternoon time. I cook because I find cooking time usually coincides with cranky time which creates crabby mom and a crying kid. By moving cooking early- I feel supper is less of a burden and we have a happier home. Next on my list is either hanging or taking down washing. There’s always washing. There are only three of us and yet I have to do two loads on some days just to make it through the week. Thereafter, I do various tasks that need to be done- but I do them quickly so that I can have some “Golden time”. This is the part where every inch of my body lets out an “ahhhhhhh” as I sink in a chair, fall on a bed or place my hands in the same position they are in now. I read somewhere that you will be more willing and able to survive the second leg of the day and actually enjoy it if you’ve had a moment. Most of the time I find it quite ironic that as I hit the good spot on the pillow where the drool has agreed to settle, I hear the ever-familiar movements of the cot. I always wait to hear whether my luck is in and maybe my boy will decide to hit the snooze button. Then I hear ” Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, Maaaaa, Ma, Ma, Daaa, Daaad, Maaaam. This is usually followed by a hide and seek game. Funny how I seem to find my boy every time. I’m good!

Overall, one nap time is a good experience. The best part I have yet to mention:  Not only is first break longer but school gets out early. With second break canceled, it means we can leave early. My cherub is eager to hit the sweat absorbent blanket and I get bumped up to “Platinum time”! YEAH!

What I’ve Learned in a Year

walking baby- legsHow quickly a year passes. I’ve only had one year with my little munchkin but here is what I’ve got so far:

What I have learned in a year…

The Early Days…

  • Having your waters break for the first time brings on the strangest wave of emotion and it feels like you and your husband are the only human beings that count at that moment- you know something great is about to happen.
  • Contractions are indescribable.
  • You can hold still for an epidural.
  • Epidurals are wonderful.
  • Caesars aren’t as bad as I imagined.
  • Your Gynae becomes part of the family for a moment.
  • No matter what gunk you see on your freshly born child- he’s beautiful.
  • The hospital stay is not as happy as being at home- and here I asked for an extra day in the hospital which was not the greatest idea.
  • Being a mother is like a day in England: you can have all seasons in one day… serenity, anger, calm, irritation.
  • Breastfeeding really takes work!
  • Somehow you cope with very little sleep.
  • It’s never to early to start teaching.
  • Sometimes you can’t fight the desire to be superwoman: beds made, dishes done, dinner on the table, newborn baby peaceful but…you need to take the next day off to recover.
  • You love it when people stop to admire your little one.
  • Sometimes Dad just has to take over- you haven’t failed as a result!
  • Your body is not the most comfortable outfit. It just doesn’t seem your size.
  • Being outdoors is great therapy.
  • You photograph everything.
  • Your baby loves you! Can’t do without you! YOU!

After the early days:

  • People forget you’re still new at this.
  • Although life has changed, it’s still life and it’s pretty cool!
  • You start having fun with your little critter.
  • Baby starts showing great love for his dad- he’s allowed too!
  • You want to put every other sick child in quarantine.
  • Your baby will live if he eats grass, sand and dog food.
  • You don’t have to begin feeding him on the day of 6 months. Babes survive even if it’s before or after.
  • Your cupboards are never going to be the same again.
  • You take photos a lot.
  • Your heart feels warm frequently!
  • It’s difficult making a sandwich with one hand, but you learn.
  • Sometimes the moaning is just too much- GRRRRRR.
  • Not all food must be mush for a baby to consume.
  • Not all choking sounds need the Heimlich- babies are pretty good at dislodging food.
  • The “What to Expect in the First Year” book series does not have all of the answers.
  • People will always ask “why is he crying?”
  • Some good answers to “why is he crying?”… he’s tired, I think he’s coming down with something and my personal favourite, I don’t know!
  • You can be very much in love with your husband and be a mother- they both take time and effort.

The Mobile Days…

  • Babies tick to their own mobile clock.
  • You get a very good thigh-butt work out when he needs to hold your fingers to walk.
  • No matter how much he loves walking, he still loves to be held.
  • Just when you thought he couldn’t get any cuter…
  • Disciplining starts sooner then you would imagine.
  • Books, books and more books.
  • Repetition, repetition, repetition.
  • They’re so quick now, you often miss photo opportunities.
  • I love routine.
  • A break from routine is great!
  • The outdoors is a great teacher.
  • Everything that is up, must come down.
  • I have eaten some really soggy things…hey, I want him to learn to share don’t I? It comes at a price.
  • Dads are naturally fun- I bet that’s why we married them.
  • It’s so natural to want to compare.
  • You need reflexes like a cat.
  • I prefer taking a break instead of needing a break.
  • How did this happen…I’m a mother to an almost one year old!!!!!

Pottying Around

potty trainingAfter potty-training two children (a boy and a girl), you’d think I have this whole thing down. No problems- child no. 3 would be potty trained just after he turned 2! Just like the others!

But surprise, surprise- things have not turned out that way. And he’s turning 3 in November so I guess, I’m starting to stress a little over this.

As I avidly watch my friends cope with their almost 3 years olds (and all 3rd babies) I’ve noticed that a lot of them have already got the potty-drill sorted- and one of these monkeys is YOUNGER than my J-baby!! PANIC!!

I’ve tried everything I can think of, but he just shows no inclination!

So if there are any expert potty-trainers out there who have some good tips, please, please, please…HELP!

Gymn Ball Baby

gymn ballUnlike my own gymn ball, Granny and Grandpa had an inflated gymn ball at their home. This landed up entertaining my son for some time. My husband then felt inspired to inflate my “not been used since pregnancy” gymn ball and use it as a source of entertainment for our little guy. What a great idea! He loves it. If he catches a glimpse of it as we pass the room where it is kept, we have to make a detour to have a quick bounce or just to touch it sometimes. This I’ve found is also a great way to get a work out in yourself and is perfect for those indoor, rainy, I don’t know what else to do days.

Here are some activities you and your little one can do on the ball. My boy’s only nine months so there seems to be no age limit.

  • Drum Ball: The ball has a lovely hollow sound when hit like a drum.
  • Bouncing Ball: You bounce the ball and your babe tries to help bounce it.
  • Bouncer Ball: Sit your little one on the ball and while holding him/her, bounce up and down.
  • Roller Ball: With his/ her feet on the ground, roll the ball and lift your babe as is rolls so that he/she rolls with the ball.
  • Thigh Master: Sit your baby on your lap, place the ball on your outstretched legs and lift them so that the ball rolls toward your baby
  • Bicycle Ball: Place your little one on its back. Raise the ball over his/her feet and let them kick at the ball as if riding a bicycle on his/her back.
  • Peek-a-boo ball: Hide behind the ball then roll it away to surprise him/her.

As scary as the thought may be, having the gymn ball out for entertainment may encourage it to be used for exercise!

Prenatal Classes- 30 June 2009

antenatal-classesHere are some contacts for prenatal classes. Please feel free to add to the list and give your recommendations. You can begin classes any time after 25 weeks pregnant.


Cape Town
Karen Clark
Registered nurse & midwife
PR No. 0092444
We hire birth pools, birth stools, Tens machines & birth balls nationwide
(021) 785-5670 / 082 776 3622 /

Mouille Point
Thula Baby Centre
Heather Wood
Registered nurse & midwife
PR No. 0192031
Antenatal preparation classes, well baby clinic, home visits
(021) 434-2614 / 072 548 8506

Sea Point
Tania Wener
Perinatal instructor ICEA
PR No.
Birth preparation, nutrition, postnatal rehab, pelvic floor strengthening, core
083 408 8868

Ruth Katzman

BSc Physiotherapy, IBCLC
PR No. 7222742
Physiotherapy for breastfeeding problems, hiring of Tens machine, pelvic floor rehabilitation
082 864 8232

Joann Lugt Childbirth Education
Joann Lugt
Registered nurse & midwife
PR No. 0880000032395
Antenatal classes, baby sign language workshops, postnatal visits
(021) 531-5422 / 084 879 8511

Northern suburbs

Be Prepared For Life
Devorah Gruss
Registered nurse & midwife
PR No. 8804559
Childbirth education classes for couples
(021) 552-5872 / 083 463 8114

Sr Lyns Baby Clinic at Milnerton Medi-Clinic
Lyn Smit
Registered nurse and midwife
PR No. 0016985
Well baby clinic offering immunisations, breastfeeding, weight & observation of newborns
(021) 529-9195 / (021) 552-8126

The Lactation Consultancy
Jean Ridler
RN, RM, international board certified lactation consultant
PR No. 8809068
Breastfeeding classes for parents-to-be, home consultations for breastfeeding problems, breastpump hire
(021) 556-9162 / 082 668 1082

Paula Pedersen
Qualified labour doula
PR No.
Certified childbirth companion for all births (home, hospital, water, vbac), breastfeeding support
083 334 2253 / /

Tenfold Baby Clinic
Jackie Butler

BCur Hons, registered midwife
PR No. 0880000056170
Antenatal classes, well baby clinic, breastfeeding support, immunisations, postnatal home visits
(021) 557-6066 / 082 297 2742

Table View
Robin Buck Physiotherapy
Angela Buck

BSc Physio
PR No. 0159263
Treatment of engorged breasts, cracked nipples, breastfeeding advice & infant massage
084 981 0232

Blaauwberg Hospital
Delene Cloete
Registered nurse
PR No. 0880000018082
Antenatal classes
(021) 556-8027 / 072 470 0435

Storks Nest Netcare Blaauwberg Hospital
Barbara Chambers
Registered nurse & midwife
PR No. 0880000003379
Antenatal classes, breastfeeding advice, well baby clinic, immunisations, milestones & development
(021) 554-9388/9

Marcha Izatt
PR No. 0880000087580
Postnatal care, breastfeeding counselling, home phototherapy
078 138 2040

Panorama Breastfeeding Clinic
Justine Geiger

BSc Nursing, RN, RM, RCHN
PR No. 8853088
Antenatal classes, breastfeeding advisors, all baby & child immunisations till preschool
(021) 939-9720 / (021) 930-8397 / after hours helpline 083 703 7711

Panorama Antenatal Classes
Danelia Kok

Reg midwife, comm health, nursing education & admin
PR No. 0880000118532
We offer Afrikaans and English antenatal classes at Panorama Medi-Clinic
(021) 938-2153

Storks Nest Clinic
Ronel Nortje
Registered nurse & midwife
PR No. 0880000161764
Antenatal classes, well baby clinic, breastfeeding support, vaccinations, baby massage
(021) 590-4196/1

Jeanne Roux / Tucker Physiotherapy
Jeanne Roux
Registered midwife
PR No. 0880000093416
Antenatal & postnatal education, exercise, delivery & back care
(021) 957-6283 / (021) 948-1553

Birth, Baby & Beyond
Rosemary Gauld
Registered nurse & midwife, internationally certified childbirth educator, international board certified lactation consultant
PR No. 8812608
Antenatal classes, breastfeeding private home consultations
(021) 910-0606 / 082 372 3348

Sr Jenny’s Pregnancy Centre
Jenny Visser
PR No. 0024252
Antenatal classes, home & hospital births, postnatal & breastfeeding support
(021) 919-9000 / 082 508 5842

Baby and U
Merle Townsend
Registered nurse & midwife, internationally certified childbirth educator
PR No. 0080010078921
Antenatal classes – childbirth education – relaxed and informative classes
(021) 976-5740 / 072 266 8864

Durbanville Family Care Centre Breastfeeding Clinic
Jessica Commaille
PR No. 0880000157139
Fun childbirth education for moms and dads, well baby clinic, immunisations
(021) 975-3634 / 073 235 2869

All About Babies
Darol Wilmot
PR No. 8809747
Antenatal classes, all follow-up help birth – 6 years including feeding & immunisations
083 335 4653

Magical Mums Clinic
Riana Stander
Registered nurse & midwife
PR No. 8847398
Antenatal classes, well baby clinic, breastfeeding consultant
(021) 976-6477 / 082 771 4253

Proselect Mother & Baby Clinic
Rika Hoffman
Registered nurse & midwife
PR No. 0217743
Infant massage, immunisations, breastfeeding consultant, antenatal classes, family planning
(021) 979-1970 / 082 575 3918

Welmed Breastfeeding Clinic
Suzette Viljoen & Alma Strever
RN, RM, BACur admin, comm health
PR No. 883870401
Antenatal classes, breastfeeding advice & weighing of baby, immunisations, baby massage, phototherapy
(021) 913-7024 / 082 674 1077

Kuils River
Storks Nest
Christine Swart
PR No.
Childbirth education, well baby clinic, breastfeeding, diabetes clinic, immunisations
(021) 900-6250

Susan de Wet

PR No. 0880000226963
Presenting condensed antenatal classes (1 day) & specialising in multiple pregnancies
082 785 7770 /

Clicks Pharmacy Fairbridge
Silke Schmidt-Dumont
PR No. 8841810
Well baby clinic, breastfeeding advice, immunisations, family planning
(021) 981-1144

Natalie Hanekom Privaat Baba Kliniek
Natalie Hanekom
Registered nurse and midwife
PR No. 0880000129186
Voorgeboorte klasse, fetalehart monitering, weeg van babas, immunisasies, borsvoedingskliniek, babamassering ens
(022) 487-2567 / 082 714 3276

Mediese Sentrum
Jeannine Bruwer

PR No. 1582607
Immunisasie kliniek & weeg van babas
(022) 482-4589

Suzanne Burger

Geveg verpleeg in verloskunde, algemene, psigiatrisie en vermeenskapverpleeging
PR No. 880013013
Voorgeborrte klasse en nageboorte hulp, wat bosvoeding insluit en immunisering
076 703 2803

Baby Basics
Julia Slabber

BSocSc Nursing
PR No. 0880008806187
Antenatal exercise & education classes
(022) 714-1427

Southern suburbs

Kingsbury Hospital
Pauleen Nelson
Registered nurse & midwife, international board certified lactation consultant
PR No. 0880000066389
Breastfeeding education and support, antenatal & postnatal private home consultations
(021) 696-5791 / 084 082 9104

Cindy Homewood
Registered nurse & midwife
PR No. 0880000098302
Breastfeeding counselling, infant & child nutrition advice, home visits
082 960 5940

Lady Buxton Clinic
Registered nurse & midwives
PR No.
Mon – Fri: 9am – 12 noon / Tues: 2:30 – 5:30pm
Support and advice to parents on babyhood & childhood, immunisations, family planning
(021) 674-3110

Birth Options
Kate Christie

BSc Nursing
PR No. 8840873
Independent midwives, home & hospital births, antenatal care, antenatal classes, postnatal care, breastfeeding advice
(021) 761-9623 / 082 785 3877

Birth Options
Glynnis Garrod
Prof nurse & midwife
PR No. 8846502
Midwifery practice including home and hospital births, antenatal classes and postnatal care
(021) 761-9623 / 082 894 5934

Incredible Babies Clinic
Ceredwin Thomsen
Registered nurse & midwife & community health science
Well baby clinic, parenting support, breastfeeding weighing, immunisations, nutrition, home visits
083 303 5552 / (021) 761-9623

Well Mother & Child Clinic
Louise Naude
Registered nurse & midwife
PR No. 8826277
Well baby clinic, breastfeeding care, immunisations, weighing, developmental screening, maternal support
(021) 689-6930 / 082 829 9788

Constantia Antenatal & Baby Clinic
Lynne Heydenrych

BSc Nursing & midwifery, internationally certified childbirth educator, international board certified lactation consultant
PR No. 8814422
Internationally certified childbirth educator specialising in antenatal classes, breastfeeding baby clinic
(021) 715-2539w / (021) 715-2262h / 082 425 1151

Kathryn Sutton

BSc Nursing, lactation consultant
PR No. 8813779
Breastfeeding consultations & home visits, well baby clinic
082 728 6629

Suzanne Leighton
Aromatherapy, reflexology, reiki, yoga
PR No. 1060000216224
Baby & pregnancy massage, postnatal depression & bi-polar disorder
(021) 794-2738

Perfectly Pregnant
Jill Mathew
Registered nurse & midwife
PR No. 8809224
Preparing for childbirth & parenting courses, paediatric CPR, antenatal & postnatal exercises
(021) 683-1404w / (021) 671-5294h / 072 329 0281

McLeod & Orpen-Lyall Physiotherapy
Wendy Orpen-Lyall

BSc Physiotherapy
PR No. 0087483
Women’s health physiotherapy (pregnancy aches and pains and incontinence)
(021) 713-3766

Marina da Gama
Midwives Inc
Sandy Standish

CPN, registered midwife
PR No. 8814368
Antenatal and postnatal care, home and hospital deliveries
083 653 7794 / (021) 788-7199

Fish Hoek
Carol’s Clinic
Carol Martin
Registered nurse, midwife, childbirth educator
PR No.
Antenatal & postnatal education & support, family planning, breastfeeding support
(021) 782-2124

084 989 0055

Fish Hoek
Labours of Love
Jennifer Skillen

BSc D.Phil, NCT childbirth educator
PR No.
Preparing for a natural birth in a high tech society
(021) 788-7867

Noordhoek Baby Clinic
Sarah Philbrick

PR No. 0880000114561
Antenatal classes, breastfeeding support, baby care & advice, immunisations, postnatal home visits, weighing
083 437 7358

Southern suburbs
Sue Lees
Registered nurse & midwife
PR No. 8818096
Antenatal care, home & hospital births, postnatal care
(021) 788-5997

Southern suburbs
Lalilu Doula Care
Lana Petersen
PR No.
Childbirth companion for home, hospital and vbac, support at home
(021) 703-4291 / 073 514 9754 /

Southern suburbs
Kerry Pienaar

Doula / Mom
PR No.
Doula – labour, birth, breastfeeding assistance, postnatal care, labour & birth kits
(021) 785-3694 / 082 475 7776


Swanger Familie Konsultasie
Leana Habeck

BCur, RN,RM,RPN,CHN,dip peri ed, UNICEF breastfeeding counsellor
PR No. 0880000026174
Antenatal classes for couples and singles, Afrikaans or English, breastfeeding support
(021) 855-4657 / 083 415 4657

Paarl Medi-Clinic
Annelise Nel

PR No. 0880000087815
Antenatal classes, breastfeeding clinic, well baby clinic, massage consultant
(021) 807-8129 / 807-8130

Mariana Symington

PR No. 8824460
Well baby clinic with immunisations, all midwifery services, antenatal classes
082 807 5887 / (021) 872-5106

Worcester Medi-Clinic
Heidi Jonker
Registered nurse & midwife
PR No.
Antenatal & postnatal classes, well baby clinic, immunisations
(023) 348-1500 / (023) 348-1570

Multi-Med Kliniek
Karien Orton

BCur Hons midwifery & neonatal
PR No. 8850186
Voorgeboorte klasse, gesonde baba kliniek, tuis bevallings, water geboortes
(023) 626-2022 / 082 334 3474

Miracle Babies Kliniek
Estelle Bornman

BCur, midwife, OHS
PR No. 88000177636
Antenatal classes, postnatal care & support, breastfeeding care & support
084 548 6841 / (027) 213-5323


Somerset West
Irene Bouquin Childbirth Parenting Course
Irene Bourquin
Registered nurse & midwife, ICCE, ICPNE
PR No. 0880008801878
Childbirth & parenting classes for teens, single mums, couples and grandparents
(021) 852-3040

Somerset West
The Cape Midwife
Natasha Stadler
Registered midwife & nursing sister
PR No. 0202584
Qualified personal care for you and your family, pregnancy, birth, early parenting
082 538 7707

Swanger Familie Konsultasie
Leana Habeck

BCur, RN,RM,RPN,CHN,dip peri ed, UNICEF breastfeeding counsellor
PR No. 0880000026174
Antenatal classes for couples and singles, Afrikaans or English, breastfeeding support
(021) 855-4657 / 083 415 4657

Helping Hands at Stellenberg Pharmacy
Elaine van Zyl
RN, midwife, community health
PR No.
Breastfeeding advice, weighing, immunisations, postnatal advice
083 225 8880

Southern Cape

Hermanus – Onrusrivier
Anita’s Mom and Baby Clinic
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Registered nurse & midwife, community health, operating theatre science, primary clinical care, nursing of patients with diabetes
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Well baby clinic, immunisations, lactation consultant, diabetes educator
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Eglonyl / Espiride Commonly Spelt Eglinol- 30 June 2009

milkThere have been quite a few queries about eglonyl and espiride. The one is the generic form of the other. The active substance in both of these is sulpiridewhich works by blocking dopamine receptors (aka neurotransmitters) in the brain.   This medicine seems to most commonly be used for depression. The prolactin ( prolactin- from lactose which is found in milk) in this drug has a milk stimulating effect. That’s where we breastfeeders come in. OBGYN’s have two motivations for prescribing this drug: to help you to make a smooth transition from “mom to be” to “mom is me” and when milk supply needs a “boobst”.

I was given eglonyl as a preventative measure. My gynae did not want me dealing with post caesar pain and baby blues at the same time. My prescription was one pill, 3 times a day for three months. I did not seem to have a problem with milk supply as a result. I felt an unnatural happiness at times which I did not feel comfortable with and after 6 weeks I reduced my intake and and eventually just stopped taking the pills. My gynae had previously said that I could stop when I felt comfortable to. Others who have taken eglonyl felt a need to rather wean off this medication. My milk supply did not decrease after I had stopped the medication. There seems to be a natural “settling” in my breasts where they didn’t feel to explode or leak as they did in the beginning although there was still sufficient supply. 

After some research it seems that this medication can have an effect on menstration although the absence of menstruation can be as a result of breastfeeding itself and not the medication. Some women have expressed little difference in their milk supply after taking eglonyl. Others express concern over renewal of prescriptions and when to stop. Consulting with your gynae or doctor is the best idea here.

Interestingly, it seems you can be penalised when applying for a life policy if you’ve been on eglonyl because it is an anti-depressant commonly used for post partum depression.

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