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What I’ve Learned in a Year

walking baby- legsHow quickly a year passes. I’ve only had one year with my little munchkin but here is what I’ve got so far:

What I have learned in a year…

The Early Days…

  • Having your waters break for the first time brings on the strangest wave of emotion and it feels like you and your husband are the only human beings that count at that moment- you know something great is about to happen.
  • Contractions are indescribable.
  • You can hold still for an epidural.
  • Epidurals are wonderful.
  • Caesars aren’t as bad as I imagined.
  • Your Gynae becomes part of the family for a moment.
  • No matter what gunk you see on your freshly born child- he’s beautiful.
  • The hospital stay is not as happy as being at home- and here I asked for an extra day in the hospital which was not the greatest idea.
  • Being a mother is like a day in England: you can have all seasons in one day… serenity, anger, calm, irritation.
  • Breastfeeding really takes work!
  • Somehow you cope with very little sleep.
  • It’s never to early to start teaching.
  • Sometimes you can’t fight the desire to be superwoman: beds made, dishes done, dinner on the table, newborn baby peaceful but…you need to take the next day off to recover.
  • You love it when people stop to admire your little one.
  • Sometimes Dad just has to take over- you haven’t failed as a result!
  • Your body is not the most comfortable outfit. It just doesn’t seem your size.
  • Being outdoors is great therapy.
  • You photograph everything.
  • Your baby loves you! Can’t do without you! YOU!

After the early days:

  • People forget you’re still new at this.
  • Although life has changed, it’s still life and it’s pretty cool!
  • You start having fun with your little critter.
  • Baby starts showing great love for his dad- he’s allowed too!
  • You want to put every other sick child in quarantine.
  • Your baby will live if he eats grass, sand and dog food.
  • You don’t have to begin feeding him on the day of 6 months. Babes survive even if it’s before or after.
  • Your cupboards are never going to be the same again.
  • You take photos a lot.
  • Your heart feels warm frequently!
  • It’s difficult making a sandwich with one hand, but you learn.
  • Sometimes the moaning is just too much- GRRRRRR.
  • Not all food must be mush for a baby to consume.
  • Not all choking sounds need the Heimlich- babies are pretty good at dislodging food.
  • The “What to Expect in the First Year” book series does not have all of the answers.
  • People will always ask “why is he crying?”
  • Some good answers to “why is he crying?”… he’s tired, I think he’s coming down with something and my personal favourite, I don’t know!
  • You can be very much in love with your husband and be a mother- they both take time and effort.

The Mobile Days…

  • Babies tick to their own mobile clock.
  • You get a very good thigh-butt work out when he needs to hold your fingers to walk.
  • No matter how much he loves walking, he still loves to be held.
  • Just when you thought he couldn’t get any cuter…
  • Disciplining starts sooner then you would imagine.
  • Books, books and more books.
  • Repetition, repetition, repetition.
  • They’re so quick now, you often miss photo opportunities.
  • I love routine.
  • A break from routine is great!
  • The outdoors is a great teacher.
  • Everything that is up, must come down.
  • I have eaten some really soggy things…hey, I want him to learn to share don’t I? It comes at a price.
  • Dads are naturally fun- I bet that’s why we married them.
  • It’s so natural to want to compare.
  • You need reflexes like a cat.
  • I prefer taking a break instead of needing a break.
  • How did this happen…I’m a mother to an almost one year old!!!!!

Gymn Ball Baby

gymn ballUnlike my own gymn ball, Granny and Grandpa had an inflated gymn ball at their home. This landed up entertaining my son for some time. My husband then felt inspired to inflate my “not been used since pregnancy” gymn ball and use it as a source of entertainment for our little guy. What a great idea! He loves it. If he catches a glimpse of it as we pass the room where it is kept, we have to make a detour to have a quick bounce or just to touch it sometimes. This I’ve found is also a great way to get a work out in yourself and is perfect for those indoor, rainy, I don’t know what else to do days.

Here are some activities you and your little one can do on the ball. My boy’s only nine months so there seems to be no age limit.

  • Drum Ball: The ball has a lovely hollow sound when hit like a drum.
  • Bouncing Ball: You bounce the ball and your babe tries to help bounce it.
  • Bouncer Ball: Sit your little one on the ball and while holding him/her, bounce up and down.
  • Roller Ball: With his/ her feet on the ground, roll the ball and lift your babe as is rolls so that he/she rolls with the ball.
  • Thigh Master: Sit your baby on your lap, place the ball on your outstretched legs and lift them so that the ball rolls toward your baby
  • Bicycle Ball: Place your little one on its back. Raise the ball over his/her feet and let them kick at the ball as if riding a bicycle on his/her back.
  • Peek-a-boo ball: Hide behind the ball then roll it away to surprise him/her.

As scary as the thought may be, having the gymn ball out for entertainment may encourage it to be used for exercise!

Crawling Tips- 4 June 2009

crawlin-babyI read about the following to help a frustrated baby (more like mother) to crawl! This is not to force the baby to crawl but to help strengthen muscles that he/she needs to crawl. All babies crawl at their own time and as I have come to know, is not necessarily between 6-8 months as most books suggest. It does take longer for some and shorter for other babes.

  • Fold a towel length-ways to form a narrow strip. Place this on the ground and let your baby lie on its tummy in the middle of the towel strip with arms and legs on either side of the strip. Lift up each end of the towel so that your baby’s arms and legs are in the crawling position but you are supporting the bulk of the weight. Place a toy or something in front of your babe to make him/her want to move as you support his/her movement.
  • Fold a towel length-ways and then roll if up to form a cylinder shape. Let baby lie on this so that he or she is lifted elbow’s length (the baby’s elbow) from the ground. Let your babe play like this to strengthen neck muscles.
  • Sit on the ground with your legs stretched out in front of you and let your baby lie across your leg/s as this will position your baby in a crawling position. Sit in front of a mirror or have toys to attract the baby’s attention.
  • Lots of praise and encouragement when movements are make on their own.
  • Do not place objects directly in front of the baby but to the side. This will make them stretch and reach for them in a way that would lead them to moving into the crawling position.

Quick Tips for 25th April 2009

  • baby-on-stomachAvent Isis is a really good breast pump.
  • Ashton and Parsons powders help with teething gripes.
  • Tender breasts (and I don’t mean chicken) try using fissan’s baby bum cream.
  • Back to sleep, tummy to play.
  • Be aware that the “just add water” cereals have who knows what milk powder in them. The “just add the milk” cereals recommend using the milk you are currently giving your baby.
  • Don’t let your breastfeeding baby get teeth and then turn into vampires. (The biting’s a fact, the vampire is not!)
  • If breastfeeding bras are making you “swing low”, add your own clips to regular “uplifting” bras.
  • Helpful tips for 20 April 2009


    • Read books, be informed but pick one person you trust to give you advice.
    • Glycerine helps some babies take a dummy for those tender moments.
    • If your baby rejects a spoon when feeding solids, use your finger.
    • Fill an empty Berocca C tube with dried beans, it’s great as a shaker.
    • A “Peek-a-boob” or a “Hide and Feed” is great for breastfeeding in public.
    • Steamers make putrity making a breeze.
    • Just as with introducing foods, books are the same. Stick with one book for a while at the start.
    • Avent Isis is a really good breast pump.
    • Ashton and Parsons powders help with teething gripes.
    • Tender breasts (and I don’t mean chicken) try using fissan’s baby bum cream.
    • Back to sleep, tummy to play.
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