Helpful tips for 20 April 2009


  • Read books, be informed but pick one person you trust to give you advice.
  • Glycerine helps some babies take a dummy for those tender moments.
  • If your baby rejects a spoon when feeding solids, use your finger.
  • Fill an empty Berocca C tube with dried beans, it’s great as a shaker.
  • A “Peek-a-boob” or a “Hide and Feed” is great for breastfeeding in public.
  • Steamers make putrity making a breeze.
  • Just as with introducing foods, books are the same. Stick with one book for a while at the start.
  • Avent Isis is a really good breast pump.
  • Ashton and Parsons powders help with teething gripes.
  • Tender breasts (and I don’t mean chicken) try using fissan’s baby bum cream.
  • Back to sleep, tummy to play.

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