Life is Like a Bowl of Rainbow Ice Cream

The first year adjusting to marriage was interesting for me. I say interesting because actually admitting that I thought that the “honeymoon” period was really hard, would be breaking some kind of unspoken marriage code! I think this is what happens to some like myself, you fall for this man who makes you wonder how you did life without, you get engaged and you get planning on the wedding. All girlish dreams  and mushy movies come flooding to mind as you plan your perfect wedding (as far as budget constraints will allow). After the wedding, the next stage is what I call the Rainbow ice-cream stage.

You see, Rainbow ice-cream is a mix of vanilla, chocolate, strawberry (all yum) and then lime (not so yum) ice-cream. Dish up a bowl, it’s ice-cream so you’re naturally excited but then you hit the green lime parts and your whole ice-cream experience just seems tainted. You notice the green even more as it starts to melt and mix with the other flavours. As this begins to happen, it seems that all you can taste is the green and suddenly the other flavours don’t taste the same anymore.

This was similar to my first year. It didn’t take long to get used to the three flavours and I already loved chocolate ice-cream. I would try and scrape around the lime so that I wouldn’t get it but that wouldn’t work because then I’d just get upset as I tried so hard to remove the green.Eventually I realised, it’s best just to try another ice-cream flavour. One that you both like! That’s when year two rolled around and it was cookies and cream from then on!

Much like the pre-marriage and the first year were the first six weeks with my little one. The pre-baby stage is all about the birth. How is this bundle going to get out of the oven. We read, search, speak to professionals about the birth. Caesar, natural, natural, epidural? Another pre-birth topic is the baby room. What colour, what fabric? Do I go blue, pink or neutral? The birth is sometimes not how you planned or expected but the bundle arrives.  There’s so much to love about this little bundle- but there’s also a lot of lime!

Even for those to whom motherhood comes terribly naturally, your breasts are tender, you have to worry about whether they are producing enough. Bottle or breast, BOTTLE OR BREAST?  But the antenatal woman says breast and the pediatrician says bottle. AHHHHHH! There’s sleep deprivation which is a blog post on its own: one day feels like several days because you can’t remember when you last changed out of your pj’s. The crying, the pooping, the spewing! But…then the bundle smiles after six long weeks and “ding” I’d like a bowl of cookies and cream please?!

What’s fun to think back on now, is the superwoman complex I seemed to have at the beginning of both marriage and motherhood. I had to try and cook and clean, save the world too just show the world I CAN be a wife/mom. I really hope that “PJ power” doesn’t come back the second baby round.

As I read and hear about those who are nearing the altar or the birth bed, I’m reminded of those times. They really made me stretch myself but I got through it and for those who are nearing or in it, so will you!

Forest Gump was wrong- Life is like a bowl of Rainbow ice-cream.

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